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Should I get a reference letter from the previous employer?

Many employers insist on a reference letter or speaking with previous employers before hiring a domestic helper. In reality, this can be difficult for a domestic helper to arrange. This may be because the employer has left Hong Kong, or it could be that they don’t want to tell their employer they’re looking for a new job.

Either way, the most important thing is to remember that you are looking for a domestic helper who is right for your family. It will be really difficult to fully understand the circumstances of the previous contract. If an employer does give a bad reference, this may be because they are upset the domestic helper did not want to stay working with them. Similarly, if an employer gives a good reference, it doesn’t necessarily mean the domestic helper will be a perfect match for your family.

More important than a reference letter, we recommend you consider what it is you are looking for in a domestic helper. We also recommend you hire for attitude, and teach for skills.


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Last updated on September 11th, 2018