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What should agency fees typically cover?

One of the biggest complaints about employment agencies in Hong Kong is that they sneak in hidden costs throughout the process. More often than not, the price you are quoted at the start is very different to the price you end up paying. If you are not careful, you may eventually pay an exorbitant amount of agency fees for the domestic helper you want!

When choosing an employment agency, check that the following agency fees are covered in the price you are quoted: 

  • One basic medical examination (you will likely have to pay more if anything shows up in this)
  • Consulate fees
  • Hong Kong Immigration visa fee
  • Mandatory insurance in the domestic helper’s home country (this typically costs around HK$1200 in the Philippines)
  • A flight from the domestic helper’s home country to Hong Kong (for domestic helpers coming from Philippines, agencies will usually only cover the flight from Manila to Hong Kong. They won’t cover the transportation costs from the ‘place of origin.’ Meaning that if there are any additional travel fees to reach Manila, you will be responsible for these costs.)
  • The general fees for the partner agency in the domestic helper’s home country.
  • Transportation allowance (usually around HK$100 per day of travel from the domestic helper’s place of origin)

What are reasonable expenses for a Filipino domestic helper to pay?

An employment agency in Hong Kong can only legally charge a domestic worker up to 10% of her monthly salary as a placement fee. On top of this, she will also reasonably expected to cover:

  • Any transportation fees during processing
  • Their lodging fees (as needed)
  • Training fees (if they are working outside of the Philippines for the first time)
  • The mandatory seminar fees by Philippine authorities
  • Passport fee
  • Philhealth (optional)
  • Pag-ibig (optional)


Fair Employment Agency does not charge any hidden fees to employers. We are completely transparent about what’s included from the start. And as part of our ethical code, we never charge fees to domestic workers. View our pricing and see which of our options is right for you to get started on the hiring process. If you have questions about our pricing, give us a call us on 3568 6858 or send us an email.

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Last updated on October 4th, 2018