About Us

We are a non-profit agency for foreign domestic workers dedicated to providing a quality and transparent service to employers and workers. The Fair Employment Agency is a social enterprise focused on tackling the exploitation of foreign domestic workers, also known as domestic helpers, in Hong Kong. We align the relationship between domestic workers and their employers.

The Problem

Many agencies throughout Asia are coercing domestic workers into debt bondage. For example, although Hong Kong law prohibits agencies from charging domestic workers more than 10% of their first month wages as a placement fee, agencies are commonly charging more than $10,000. Many domestic workers, unable to pay, turn to moneylenders who charge them extremely high – and often illegally high – interest rates. Simultaneously, local employers are being charged thousands of dollars for the agencies' service, allowing the agencies to illegally double-charge for their services. This means that the agencies do not have any incentive to match employers with an appropriate domestic helper. If the domestic helper is terminated or leaves, the agency will simply make even more money by placing a new domestic helper in the home. This illegal practice of double charging can create significant problems for both employer and helper. For example, when domestic helpers are unable to pay off their debt, money lenders often harass the employer seeking repayment.


Our Solution

Fair Employment Agency hopes to lead the establishment of new model practices within the migrant labor recruitment industry. Because we never charge domestic helpers placement fees, FEA is incentivized to make the right match between helpers and employers. Through the provision of high quality services to both employers and helpers, we are raising the bar for employment agency professionalism, while simultaneously helping Hong Kong families employ well-suited domestic workers without having to worry about illegal fees and unethical debts.


No Placement Fee Guarantee

We at Fair Employment Agency pledge to follow the International Labor Organization’s mandate to never charge placement fees to domestic workers. No placement fees means domestic helpers are able to work more freely, and neither employer or helper will have the stress of illegal debt or unscrupulous money lenders hanging over them.

Service Guarantee

Fair Employment Agency promises the best service in the placement business. Through the use of modern technology and software, plus a genuine concern for both employer and employee, we will strive to give each customer the best and most efficient experience possible.

Finding the Right Match

To eliminate strained relations at home, our matching process identifies and matches individual needs and priorities to provide a more harmonious professional relationship. Other agencies often illegally charge both the employer and the domestic helper for their placement services. That creates a disincentive to make a good match, since if the domestic helper leaves or is terminated, the agency can make even more money by bringing in a new domestic helper. We strive to make the right match, right from the start.


We hope to set the market standard for ethical recruitment practices in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Domestic workers are crucial to maintaining the prosperity of our city, and ethical working conditions provided to domestic workers will be a prerequisite to ensure Hong Kong’s bright future. Foreign domestic workers have allowed more Hong Kong women to work outside of the home, and are providing care for our increasingly aging population. But Hong Kong's international image has been significantly harmed by negative international press surrounding domestic workers. As an example of rule of law and proper ethical practices for the rest of Asia, Hong Kong can and must be better on the issue of domestic labor.

"We were drawn to Fair Employment Agency due to its mission of providing ethical placement services for domestic helpers. Since this is a potentially vulnerable group in Hong Kong, we wanted to use an agency that did not contribute to the problem and also did everything in a transparent manner. Not only does Fair Employment Agency accomplish this, we also found their service superb. They definitely did an excellent job of trying to identify an individual that was a good fit for our family, which made the process more efficient. The time they put in to understand our situation meant they were able to recommend quality individuals. Our experience working with Fair Employment Agency was very professional and would recommend their service wholeheartedly to others."

David Lee, HK Island

“With my helper's last day approaching and a naughty 1 yr old running around, I felt so overwhelmed after a few unsuccessful interviews from different sources. I contacted FEA on a Saturday morning and they managed to arrange an interview with my great helper in the same afternoon! The process afterwards was also smooth, transparent and efficient, a service grade you rarely find with most agencies in HK. My helper also felt thankful that she did not need to pay the extra cost. Best helper agency in town, and I will never hesitate to recommend it to all my friends.”

Chloe Luo

"We had worked with other agencies in the past, but were extremely frustrated with their lack organization,transparency and respect for both the employer and employee. So often we were sent candidates whom did not meet our requirements and were barely screened by the agency. Our experience with FEA was smooth and seamless. They truly listened to what we were looking for and would only send us suitable applicants which they felt would be a good fit for us as well as good fit for the helper. With the assistance of FEA we found a great helper and and had a stress free processing experience from start to finish. I have already recommended their service to others and will continue to do so. Thank you FEA!"

Sabrina G. HK Island