What Makes Us Different


Aligned Interests

Because we select applicants based on merit, instead of their willingness to pay illegal placement fees, you can be sure that FEA is dedicated to finding the right match for you. As we don’t charge domestic workers, it’s in our best interest to find the candidate that’s right for you.


High Quality Services

Hiring domestic help for your household can be an intimidating process. We are here to walk you through it step by step to ensure a good match for you and your family. Aside from interviews, we utilize cutting edge technology to help sort and find the best candidates for your situation. After a match has been made, the software then manages the visa application process ensuring that the visa is completed in a timely manner.


Peace of Mind

Trust is crucial in any relationship. By working with Fair Employment Agency, you can be assured that no excessive or illegal fees have been charged to your domestic helper. That leaves them free to dedicate their attention to your families' needs. This process is truly fair to you, fair to your domestic helper, and fair to Hong Kong.


No Placement Fees

We are a non-profit organization. We know that most agencies charge placement fees to domestic workers, which is an unethical and often illegal practice. Illegal fees often leave the domestic worker in debt bondage, can negatively impact the employer family, and damage Hong Kong's international reputation. We strongly disagree with this practice, and therefore will never charge placement fees to domestic workers.


Suitable Employers

In order for us to be successful, all parties need to be satisfied with our services provided. Our goal is to find the employment opportunity that will best help domestic helpers to thrive. Our system allows us to align the skills and experience of the applicants with the needs of the employers. The Fair Employment Agency is committed to establishing working environments in which both worker and employer can be content and work together in a harmonious relationship.


Tools For Success

We will provide the tools necessary to help domestic helpers succeed, including detailed job descriptions and clear expectations from possible future employers. Understanding the process is important. Living away from home can be challenging and that’s why we are here to give domestic helpers access to everything they need to know.


Setting the Market Standard

We hope to set the market standard for ethical recruitment practices in Hong Kong. We will bring this change by putting social good over financial motives. We foresee building a positive relationship between employers and domestic workers, and ultimately making Hong Kong a more cooperative and prosperous place.


Revitalising a Reputation

Recent media attention has had a damaging effect to Hong Kong's world image and reputation. Reports of abuse to domestic workers have dominated headlines both nationally and internationally, highlighting the severity of the issue and a need for change. It is Fair Employment Agency’s intention to restore Hong Kong's reputation for rule of law and fair treatment of all people.


Supporting the economy

Domestic wokers support the economy of Hong Kong by creating many more dual income families. Foreign domestic employment has allowed hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong women to pursue careers, by taking over any of the duties that women traditionally handle. As a result, Hong Kong has some of the highest number of women in the workforce in the world. Moreover, with our rapidly aging population, Hong Kong will need to see an influx of more domestic help over the next decade. We must all ensure a healthy work environment for both employer and employee, otherwise Hong Kong's prosperity and stability could be impacted in the future.