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How long does processing a domestic helper visa take?

This is a developing situation and further changes should be expected. We will continue to update this article as official advisories are provided by the relevant authorities.

Current Processing Timelines

As with everything, Covid-19 is making things a bit more complicated, so it’s best to plan ahead. See the Estimated Timeline tables below.

  • Additional Undertaking for Domestic Helper Visa: Employers must sign an undertaking indicates that employers will arrange for the COVID-19 test and hotel quarantine for their domestic helpers, and be responsible for the relevant costs when their domestic helpers are arriving on or after July 25, 2020. The undertaking can be downloaded from the website of ImmD or obtained free of charge from the Immigration Department Headquarters and Immigration Branch Offices.

Local Processing

Domestic helpers with finished contracts or ‘special cases’ where contracts were ended due to employer’s relocation, passing, or financial difficulty, can process locally. This currently takes 4-6 Weeks.

1) Submit Required documents to Immigration

Contracts signed by both worker & employer and all necessary documents received and valid.
The earliest we can submit the application to Immigration is 4 weeks before the contract end date. Please note that Immigration requires the Worker to finish one contract before starting a new one. Legally, workers cannot start working for the new employer until the working visa is approved.

Our team will help prepare the necessary documents and submit the application on behalf of the Worker and Employer. Workers will only need to make an in-person attendance at the Immigration office on the visa release day.

Immigration will send a letter in about 2 weeks to let us know the visa release date
2) Medical Exam
The Worker will take a medical exam and may take 1-2 trips for the exam (for the stool sample). The Clinic is open Mondays-Saturdays. The report will be forwarded to our office in around 2 working days.
3-4 working days
3) Visa Release:
The Worker will need to collect the visa from the Immigration in-person and then he/she can start working on the same day. The visa release date is the contract commencement date. We highly recommend the employer to review the medical report of the helper before visa release day.
4 weeks after submission or it will depend on the worker’s contract end date
4) Contract Notarisation:
After the visa is released, we will notarize the contract at the Philippine Consulate. You will receive your copy of the contract by registered mail after it’s released.
2 weeks after visa pick up
TOTAL 4-6 weeks
Last updated: March 2021

Overseas processing

Processing can only start when:
Contracts signed by both worker and employer and all necessary documents received and valid
The worker needs to obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) in order to depart from the Philippines to Hong Kong.

The worker will need to travel from her home to attend various appointments, including major ones in Manila. We will try to limit travel back & forth for the worker as much as possible.

NOTE: If the worker is in HK now, she will need to travel back to the Philippines and will be required to quarantine upon arrival. This may affect the timeline.

The following steps will not necessarily happen in this order, but some are prerequisite for others. Our team will work to move each piece of the process forward to complete this part of the process in the most efficient way & update at important points.

Working Visa Approval & Contract Notarisation in HK
Philippine Government-mandated Medical Exam & Certification of “Fit to Work”
Philippine Government Training Requirements Fulfilled [Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS), Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)]

After the visa is released, we will notarize the contract at the Philippine Consulate. You will receive your copy of the contract by registered mail after it’s released
10-12 Weeks
For First Timers only
(i.e. no overseas working record in the Philippines government): Undergo Mandated Trainings (OWWA), and Assessment for ‘Domestic Work NCII’ Certification
(2 weeks)
Once these qualifying steps are completed and the necessary documentation is collected, we will submit the application. In the meantime, we will be in touch with you about the post-arrival hotel quarantine arrangement.
1-2 Weeks
Once the OEC is released,we will book her an appointment at a government approved clinic to conduct the required pre-flight COVID test within 72 hours of her flight to HK.
1 Week
After being tested COVID negative at the HK airport, the worker will travel directly to the pre-booked hotel to complete her 21-night hotel quarantine.
22 Days
TOTAL15-18 Weeks
(First Timers: 17-20 weeks)
Last updated: Mar 2021

Travel Challenges in the Philippines

Many domestic helpers may not live near the agency office and may need to travel back and forth for appointments.  If the worker does not live in Manila, they may have to find boarding/accommodation while waiting for processing/to fly out. At times, domestic helpers have difficulty covering the costs needed to complete the processing steps. This may create delays in the timeline. Employers may consider remitting the money in advance to their domestic helper to ensure they can pay for the items needed.

See more on the COVID-19 & Vaccine situation in the Philippines: HERE

Limitation to Validity of Medical Exam:

Domestic helpers are required to certify as “Fit to Work” before being able to fly out for work. The Medical Certificate is valid for 3 months. If the certificate expires before the domestic helper is able to travel, this would require a new medical exam. Read more about medical exams: HERE

Scheduling COVID-19 Test, Quarantine Hotel & Flights

This aspect will take considerable planning. See:

Other Questions

Can domestic helpers with broken or terminated contracts process in Hong Kong without returning home? 

If the domestic helper is allowed to process locally in Hong Kong, this will take around 8 weeks. Read more about this HERE

Can first-time domestic helpers be hired at this time?

Be aware of the current flight situation: Suspension of Flights from the Philippines to Hong Kong.

First-time domestic helpers will have to obtain a Domestic Work NC-II certificate, a Philippine government requirement. Domestic helpers may choose to train at a training centre to prepare for the assessment for this certification. This should be a TESDA accredited training centre.  See more about the training situation: HERE

We do our best to keep our articles up-to-date. Please double-check with the relevant organisations directly for the latest. 

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Last updated on May 5th, 2021