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Do I have to pay for a domestic helper’s medical expenses?

Yes. According to the Labour Department’s Standard Employment Contract guidelines, employers must provide free medical treatment and emergency dental treatment for domestic helpers. It doesn’t matter if the injuries or sickness are related to work.

You are not responsible, however, to provide free treatment during the time a domestic helper leaves Hong Kong for personal reasons (eg. visiting home).

What does “free medical treatment” entail?

Free medical treatment includes medical consultations, maintenance in hospital, and emergency dental treatment. This is why it’s strongly encouraged that you take out an insurance policy with full medical and hospitalization coverage. 

Can I pick the medical practitioner?

Yes. According to your contract, a domestic helper must accept treatment by any registered practitioner that you choose. We recommend that you talk to your domestic helper beforehand about which practitioner she should consult when she gets sick or hurt.

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Last updated on May 26th, 2020