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Do I need domestic helper insurance during employment?

Yes. According to Hong Kong law, you must have employee compensation insurance for any domestic helpers you hire. This is typically known as ‘maid insurance’ or ‘helper insurance’ and most banks and insurance providers will have policies you can buy. 

According to the Labour Department, “an employer who fails to comply with the compulsory insurance requirement is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for two years.” Therefore, it is incredibly important for you to take care of your domestic helper’s insurance plan prior to employment!

This insurance is important because it covers your liability should your employee get sick or injured while working.

The Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282) states that the minimum insurance cover required is $100,000,000/event. The least expensive and most basic form of helper insurance should provide this minimum requirement. 

More extensive domestic helper insurance plans can cover, in addition to the government minimum requirement, benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Fidelity coverage
  • Dental insurance
  • Replacement expenses
  • Temporary worker subsidy

While some employers choose to obtain only basic employee compensation insurance for domestic helpers, others choose more extensive plans that will provide more protection. We recommend comparing domestic helper insurance policies between companies to find the policy which best fits your needs and budget. 

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Last updated on May 26th, 2020