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Do domestic helpers need to go through training in the Philippines?

What is a Domestic Work NCII Certificate

If you are hiring a domestic helper who is working in Hong Kong for the first time, the domestic helper will need to fulfil the Philippine requirement for skills certification, and receive the “Domestic Work NCII” certificate. This is a certification regulated by the Philippine Government’s technical skills body, TESDA.

If a domestic helper has worked in Hong Kong previously and their “Domestic Work NCII” is valid, she does not need to go through training again. If the certificate has expired, the certificate can be renewed.

Equivalent to Domestic Work NC2

With the impact of COVID-19, the Philippine Government has made another option for this requirement

  • If the domestic helper has experience working in another country (eg. Singapore, Qatar) as a domestic helper, they may go to the POEA office to request their “OFW Info Sheet” which shows their previous experience abroad and will fulfil the training requirement. This is a temporary option allowed between September 29, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Applications should be submitted to the TESDA Certification Office through its email address, Read more on this: HERE.  

How to get Domestic Work NC2 Assessment

The Philippine is temporarily allowing domestic helpers who can show proof that they already have an employer (could be either OEC, deployment letter, contract or job order issued by the recruitment agency), to go directly to be Assessed for the NC2 certification.

They will need to register online for the assessment. Then, their closest TESDA regional office will schedule them for their assessment. If they do not pass the assessment, they will need to wait until training becomes available. Registration can be done: HERE.  Contact them directly about any costs for the exam and certification.

Attending a Training Centre

Attending a training centre is important to help pass the”Domestic Work NCII” exam, but also to help prepare for the the life and job overseas. Training is not a mandatory requirement, so technically domestic helpers can directly go get their assessment. If they fail the assessment, they will be allowed to reassessed. If considering a training, the domestic helper should be able to choose the training centre. 

Here is a list of accredited training centres.

Fair Training Center

The centre we recommend is Fair Training CenterFair Training Center and Fair Employment Agency are independent of each other but share the same mission of making the migrant worker recruitment system work better for everyone. 

Fair Training Center is a non-profit, social business based in Manila. It was set-up in 2016 because of the very poor quality of training across the Philippines. Workers are paying huge sums of money (ranging from HK$1,200 – 15,000) for training that does not prepare them as professional workers.

Migration is a big step for workers, and they need to be prepared with the skills and tools to help them be successful while working abroad. Fair Training Center’s curriculum is accredited with TESDA, and include a focus on financial education, professionalism, communication skills, and talking to family about migration. 

How to Enrol with Fair Training Center

Please visit their website for more information. Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions preventing face-to-face training, there are some limitations. Contact them directly via their Facebook page, or Email.

Last updated on December 3rd, 2020