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How long does processing a domestic helper visa take?

You should be wary of domestic helper agencies promising unusually fast processing timelines. Agencies have very little control over the processing time. When an agency promises faster times than those below, this is usually just a marketing tactic.

Normal Processing Timelines

Current domestic worker visa processing timelines are delayed due to problems with the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) system in the Philippines. Read more about the situation here. 

Below is a typical timeline for hiring a Filipino domestic helper who does not need to leave Hong Kong. This means domestic helpers who are finishing their contract or processing because of a special reason such as death, financial difficulties or employer relocation.

Estimated processing time: Direct Hire (finished contracts & special cases)
Contract notarization from domestic helper's home country Consulate1 week
HK Immigration Department visa processing:
- Finished Contracts4 weeks
- Special Cases5 weeks
- Finished Contracts5 weeks
- Special Cases6 weeks

Below is a typical timeline for hiring a Filipino helper who is leaving a broken contract, has been terminated from their most recent contract, or who is coming to work in Hong Kong for the first time.

Estimated processing time: Direct Hire (first-time workers, broken or terminated contracts)
Contract notarization by domestic helper's home country Consulate2 weeks
HK Immigration Department visa processing6 weeks
Overseas employment clearance in The Philippines1 week
TOTAL9 weeks

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Last updated on November 26th, 2019