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Finished Contract: How do I process a domestic helper visa without an agency?

Hiring a Filipino domestic helper without an agency

If you have already found a domestic helper you’d like to hire and she is leaving a finished 2-year contract, you can process the visa while the worker is in Hong Kong.

Fair Agency’s Free, Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Filipino Domestic Helper without an Agency:

STEP 1: Pick up & sign the contracts

Employers or domestic helpers can pick up the contracts and supporting information from Hong Kong Immigration. You don’t need an appointment for this.

You will be given four copies of the contract. All four copies should be signed by the employer and domestic helper and should be completed identically. If there are any mistakes, sign next to the revision.

  • One copy each for:
    • the employer,
    • the domestic helper,
    • HK Immigration submission, and
    • Submission at Philippine Overseas Labor Office

STEP 2: Get supporting documents together for Hong Kong Immigration

  • COVID-19 Requirement: Employer must sign an undertaking indicates that employers will arrange for the COVID-19 test and hotel quarantine for their FDHs, and be responsible for the relevant costs when their FDHs are arriving on or after July 25, 2020. The undertaking can be downloaded from the website of ImmD or obtained free of charge from the Immigration Department Headquarters and Immigration Branch Offices.
  • One copy of the contract
  • Both yours and the domestic helper’s immigration application forms (forms ID988B and ID988A)
  • Employers also need to submit photocopies of:
    • HKID
    • Passport and visa (if not a permanent resident)
    • Proof of address if there’s been a change since last contract
    • Proof of employer’s financial position is not required provided that the employer’s average household income remains no less than HK$15,000 (for each domestic helper to be employed)
  • Domestic helpers also need to submit photocopies of:
    • HKID
    • Passport (original will be required for appointments and walk-in interviews)
    • Visa
    • Landing slip
    • Previous contract
  • For more on supporting documents, see our answer on: what documents do I need?

STEP 3: Submit documents to Hong Kong Immigration

Domestic helpers should submit the contract and supporting documents to Hong Kong Immigration in one of the following ways:

  • Book an appointment online
  • Walk-in interview at Hong Kong Immigration Department (Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai)

At the first appointment, immigration will only take all necessary documents (refer to the list above) from you. You can expect a letter/call from them within 2 weeks about the exact visa release date and any further supporting documents needed (if any).

STEP 4: Processing & visa release

Domestic helpers should collect the visa on the visa release date, with:

  • Original passport
  • Letter from the first appointment with Immigration
  • Visa fee as stated in the letter (either HK$230 or HK$460). Employers should reimburse domestic helpers for this fee.

STEP 5: Document Submission for Notarisation

Next, your domestic helper needs to submit two copies of the signed employment contracts to the Consulate of their native country for notarisation. There is a fee for this service and you should reimburse your domestic helper for this.

For Workers from the Philippines, these are the steps:

  • Attach the completed OFW Information Sheet (here) to the new Employment Contract with other supporting documents (see next point)
  • Documents for submission:
    • Two sets of the Original Standard Employment Contract,
    • Original and photocopy of the domestic helper’s passport,
    • Copy of the new Visa/Printed copy of the new E-Visa,
    • Copy of Employer’s Hong Kong ID with contact number written on the same page,
    • Copy of the domestic helper’s Hong Kong ID with contact number written on the same page.
  • Book an appointment on the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) website based on your preferred date and time.
  • Go to Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) at the selected appointment time, located at: Office No.2. 29/F United Centre,
    No. 95 Queensway Admiralty, Hong Kong
    Hotline Numbers:
    POLO: 5529 1880
    OWWA: 6345 9324
  • To POLO, pay HK$196 OWWA Membership Fee and HK$80 Contract Notarisation/Verification Fee. Make sure to keep the original receipt! the OWWA Membership is important for the domestic helper’s future Overseas Employment Clearance (OEC) and needs to be renewed every time they change employers.
    * If you have mutually agreed with your worker that he/she will be taking immediate home leave before the start of the 2 year employment, your worker will need to renew his/her OWWA membership in the Philippines.

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Last updated on September 30th, 2022