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COVID-19 Quarantine arrangements for domestic helpers arriving to Hong Kong from the Philippines and Indonesia

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What are the Quarantine requirements for domestic helpers arriving from the Philippines and Indonesia?

Health Declaration System

All inbound travellers are required to submit a health declaration form. Travellers can submit the form online. After submitting the online form, the system will generate a QR code. Please save the result and show it to the border control point staff upon entering Hong Kong. The QR code is valid for 48 hours for arrival via Hong Kong International Airport (For arrival via land control points, the QR code is valid for 24 hours).

If travellers have problems with the online form ( applicable mobile device), they can ask for assistance from staff of the Department of Health upon arrival in Hong Kong.

COVID-19 Testing at the airport:

Those arriving Hong Kong via the Hong Kong International Airport will be required to proceed to the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC) set up in the restricted area of the Airport for COVID-19 testing immediately upon arrival. They will need to stay at the TSCC to wait for test results which will be available on the same day before they can proceed with immigration procedures. In general, the waiting time is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

There will be testing by combined nasal and throat swabs for persons subject to quarantine at designated quarantine hotels. According to the epidemic development and needs, the Government will arrange extra virus testing for persons subject to quarantine at hotels. Young children are required to submit stool samples during their quarantine period. 

NOTE: Testing is the first step upon arrival and you can only proceed with immigration procedures and collect their checked-in baggage after completing relevant testing procedures. More here.

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Testing During Hotel Quarantine 

There will be 6 tests during the quarantine period

Towards the end of quarantine, the domestic helper is required to submit a deep throat saliva sample for testing. Employers should also discuss the submission arrangement with their worker. Further details are listed inside an information package provided to travellers upon their arrival. There are door-to-door pick-up services operated by Gogovan (here), Pick Upp (here) or Toby (here).

Post-Quarantine 7-Day Self Monitoring and 26th Day Testing

Arrivals from Group A are required to self-monitor after the completion of the hotel quarantine. 

Self-monitoring involves taking body temperature twice a day; wearing a mask, keeping good hand hygiene. They are allowed to go out and work as usual. The wristband from quarantine can be removed once the hotel quarantine is completed. It is not necessary to keep it on during the self-monitoring period

On the 26th day, the traveller will need to do another COVID test. It is suggested to do the test in a Community Testing Centre. Since this is compulsory, they are exempted to pay the test fee of HK$240. They are suggested to bring along their documents, including HKID, and any other documents to show their quarantine status

Advisory to Employers

  • The Labour Department has issued an advisory on the responsibilities for employers to bear the cost of the test and the cost of food and accommodation while the domestic helper they hired are in the 21-day quarantine. Employers applying to the Immigration Department (ImmD) to employ domestic helpers will be required to sign an undertaking to the Government, indicating that they will comply with the relevant specifications and bear the relevant costs (, 11 Dec 2020)
  • Also see: FAQ on domestic helper’s salary while on unable to work due to COVID-19 Quarantine


  • Centre for Health Protection Hotline: 2125 1122 (8 am to 12 midnight)
  • Home Affairs Department Hotline: 2835 1473 (24 hours)
  • HK Government website on Coronavirus:

If you begin to experience any symptoms of the COVID-19,  call the CHP Hotline.

Can domestic helpers quarantine in Hotels beyond the 21-days or voluntarily before joining a new family?

We called the Labour Department to inquire about this. We received the response that domestic helpers who processed overseas cannot extend their stay beyond the 21-day hotel quarantine. Nor can domestic helpers who are processed locally do a voluntary hotel quarantine after their new visa has been picked up. This is because these two scenarios would violate the live-in requirement for domestic helpers.

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Last updated on September 12th, 2021