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What domestic helpers should be aware of about the protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong continues to be safe and operating as normal outside of the current protest-related activities. We advise domestic helpers to stay away from areas where these activities are happening for their safety.

People passing-by or taking photos of the events have been unfortunately affected.  Surrounding traffic and transportation services may change at these areas. Avoid being nearby areas where protest activities are happening for your own safety.

Even though the situation in Hong Kong continues, domestic work visa processing timelines are not affected by the current situation in Hong Kong.

Fair Employment Agency is open as usual everyday 10am-5pm, except for Wednesdays. If there are any changes, we will make sure to update our Facebook page. We’ve written up some directions to our office here: by bus, tram, and MTR.

Here are some safety tips and resources:

Stay alert:

  • Avoid areas where protests are happening.
  • Have your HKID with you at all times.
  • Do not engage in illegal activity. There is concern that domestic helpers and other minority groups are being approached to take part in illegal activity. Take caution and don’t do something you are not comfortable with.
  • Check that you are getting information from trustworthy sources.

Follow trustworthy sources:

Be careful of false information on Facebook and social media. Follow local news outlets such as:

The Consulates of the Philippines and Indonesia are both providing updates on their Facebook page.

Other pages to follow:

Check transportation:

There have been disruptions to traffic, especially on weekends during the last several weeks. We recommend downloading free mobile apps for live updates on changes to transportation services. You can also check their weblinks.

Keep in good communication:

Speak to your employer about tasks and duties that require you to go around Hong Kong. If you feel concerned or have questions about going to a particular destination, make sure to bring it up to your employer.

As you are out and about, make sure your phone is on and with battery so that you are reachable. If you are taking care of a child or elderly person, be extra mindful.

Just in case, keep these contact details with you:

Save important contact details just in case. Should any emergencies arise, remember to contact your agency. Especially if your agency is Fair Employment Agency, we want you to let us know! We will provide support where we can and we want to know you are OK.

Keep friends and family updated:

As these events continue and are broadcasted internationally on news and social media, family and friends may be concerned:

  • Give regular updates to your friends, and share your surrounding situation
  • Keep an active phone or messenger communication channel
  • Remind them areas outside of the protests continue to be safe

Last updated on November 13th, 2019