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What documents do I need to hire a domestic helper?

There are three documents that both you and the domestic helper you’d like to hire need to sign (if you click on the name of the document it’ll take you to an online copy of it):

  1. Standard Employment Contract (this is just a sample, you will need to pick up a hard copy from Hong Kong Immigration)
  2. Domestic Helper’s Visa/Extension of Stay Application Form ID988A
  3. Employer’s Application for Employment of Domestic Helper from Abroad Form ID988B

Employer’s documents

As the employer, you will also need photocopies of the following supporting documents:

  • Hong Kong ID or Activated working visa (You may begin the process for hiring a domestic helper on an activated working visa but you will need to provide HKID to Immigration later)
  • Proof of your address—make sure it’s your residential address (a utility bill from the last 3 months is probably the simplest way to get this one)
  • Proof of your financial position (either: bank statements showing a clear salary deposit of HK$15,000 or more for the past 3 months; latest tax return showing annual income of HK$180,000 or above; or bank statements from the past six months showing total assets of HK$350,000 or more)
  • You’ll need a letter of release for your current worker (if applicable)
  • A letter to explain your need for an additional worker (again, only if applicable)
  • If you are not a permanent resident of Hong Kong you’ll need a copy of your passport and your most recent Hong Kong visa.

Domestic helper’s documents

Domestic helpers need to submit photocopies of the following documents:

  • Hong Kong ID
  • Front page of their passport, we recommend that the passport has 2 years validity left when making the application.
    • Usually, Immigration will issue a visa with an expiry date of one month before the passport expiry date if the domestic helper’s passport validity is less than 2 years at time of application.
    • See: How to renew a Philippine passport in Hong Kong. 
  • Their most recent Hong Kong employment visa
  • All pages of their most recent employment contract
  • Letter of release from their previous employer

TOP TIP: If your domestic worker has not worked in Hong Kong before, you will need to use an agency to process her visa and there may be other documents needed. Your employment agency will advise on this.

See more at:

Once you have all the documents together, see our answer on how to process without an agency.

Alternatively, see our pricing page for more details on how Fair Employment Agency can handle this for you.

The Hong Kong Labour Department has detailed guidance on hiring requirements in their Quick Guide for the Employment of Domestic Helpers Abroad.

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Last updated on November 23rd, 2020